Pre-school assistance




The learning of the directional guidelines begins already in the preschool. Students often have difficulty assigning the directions "left" or "right" correctly. This can have fatal consequences, for example if we think only once of road traffic. But even in sports, a weakness in understanding or recognising the correct directional information can, in the worst case, take away the fun of movement.

In order to support the children in a pedagogically meaningful way, we have developed various teaching materials for the directions "left" and "right". Figures, arrows or people look in different directions and should be assigned accordingly by the children. The playful exercises on the directions help the children to gain confidence in dealing with "left" and "right" and at the same time strengthen their orientation behaviour.

Learning goals:

  • Intensive examination of the directions left/right
  • clearly distinguish left & right from each other
  • Increase your ability to concentrate by working with worksheets for the first time


The different exercises for the swing exercises help the children in preschool and primary school to learn how to use the pen. Before they start writing numbers and letters, the little ones must get a feeling for the movement of writing. The hand and eye coordination as well as the movement with hand and arm is already a small challenge for many children. The really precise tracking of the lines requires a high ability to concentrate.

In addition, correct holding and the type of pen play an important role. Practicing with a pencil, a fountain pen, a ballpoint pen or a felt-tip or coloured pencil places different demands on the children, as the different pens give a different writing feeling, both in terms of the strength of the pressure and the width of the pencil. We provide you with different worksheets, with which the children can trace different shapes, patterns and figures in a play safe way, in order to get confidence when writing with the pen.

Learning goals:

  • Training hand and eye coordination
  • Training hand and arm movements
  • Improve concentration
  • Different shapes, figures and patterns are practicing to trace